About us

Excel Abacus Kidz - We are online Now!

We are a group of Educationists and Abacus Instructors teaching abacus more than ten years with passion and unique teaching methods in fun way with interactive activities to help everyone understand very easily.

Our Programe is well planned, structured course and developed in a manner where each student excels in his/her academics. It aims to overcome "Math Phobia" or "Number Phobia" and build a confident and total child. As a part of the course the student benefits and attains the below mentioned skills gradually.

Memory Power

It is scientifically proven that abacus student have greater memory power than non abacus students.


Improves Concentration, Listening Skills, Speed & accuracy through our training programe.

Learning Ability

Continuous Practice brings all round academic excellence, creativity & imagination.

Best and Proven abacus program for remarkable improvement in mathematics and memory power.

Engage and learn more with these online live and highly-interactive classes. We use books and online material that are simple and easy to understand by young minds yet keeping in par with the need and standards required for abacus courses internationally.

There are multiple levels in this abacus math program. In the duration of the course, children learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and decimals of bigger digits with and without abacus in this program.

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